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Opium is a thick juice extracted from unripe fruits of various species of conifers poppies used as a narcotic this plant that grows naturally in Asia, being native to the Mediterranean and Middle East.

Opium has a distinctive smell that is unpleasant, bitter flavor and brown color's Used in medicine as an analgesic The main opium alkaloids are morphine, codeine, thiamine, palavering, and the narcotize arcsine. Cultivation of the plant is legal, serves as a source of raw materials in pharmaceutical laboratories.

However, most of the plantations are illegal, its production is destined for the illegal trade of opium and heroin.

The illegal market opium is sold in bars or reduced to powder and packed into capsules or tablets. 's opium use was widespread in the East chewed or smoked.

This causes euphoria, physical dependence, followed by physical and intellectual decay.

The physical effects arising from the use of opium are: nausea, vomiting, anxiety, dizziness and shortness of breath. The effect lasts three to four hours.

Opium addictive the body.
The addict is thin, with yellow color and has a decreased resistance to infections.

Due to severe dependence that opium question, you can die because of the withdrawal syndrome. The crisis withdrawal begins within twelve hours, approximately, is presented in various forms, occurring from yawns to diarrhea, passing rhino rhea, lacrimation, sweating, loss of appetite, skin chills, tremor, abdominal cramps, insomnia, restlessness and vomiting.

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You may feel little burning eyes, but the feeling will pass in seconds. Be sure to use your eye drops for that reason.
How to use your eye drops

Pull the lower eyelid to form a pouch

Instill a drop of eye drops into the pocket formed by the eyelid Glaucoma Press lightly on the inner corner of the eye for 3 minutes to occlude the lachrymal duct. XTREME FAT LOSS

Open-angle glaucoma
In open-angle glaucoma, the fluid drains too slowly out of the anterior chamber.

Pressure increases gradually, often in eyes, causing optic nerve damage and loss of slow and progressive vision.
Loss of vision begins at the edges of the field visual and, if not treated, just involving the entire visual field and, ultimately, leads to blindness.

It most prevalent form of glaucoma, open angle glaucoma, is common after age 35, but occasionally occurs in children. The disease tends to run in families and is more common in nearsighted or diabetic individuals.

Its glaucoma open angle occurs more frequently and may be more severe in the black subjects than in white individuals.
Normal drainage of liquid

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Previously it was thought that virtually all cases of gluten intolerance for the seventh year of life were discovered. It is now known that two thirds of new patients is an adult. 20 percent of new patients is even older than 60 years.

Whose gluten intolerance is common?
In women, gluten intolerance is two to three times as often as men. In people whose first or second degree relative gluten intolerant, it happens more often than average, as well as in people with diabetes  EYE FLOATERS NO MORE REVIEW

How is it diagnosed?
If a blood test from the doctor indicates gluten intolerance, the patient is sent to a specialist. Who can do blood tests? But the diagnosis can be made by cutting (dram bipod) off a piece of the intestine and to investigate damage to the villa. Merely with certainty

How many people have gluten intolerance?
An estimated 160,000 people in the Netherlands have celiac disease. Most of them, about 135,000, still not know that. This is because the symptoms are often vague; leaving no gluten intolerance is soon expected.

What can we do?
Damaged villa recover once the patient no longer eat gluten. Rarely is the lasting damage. After recovery of bowel patients stay healthy as long as they ingest gluten That is not always easy, because the gluten-free diet requires a lot of discipline. Gluten-free varieties of bread , biscuits or pasta are expensive. A dietician can help to contact. Alternatives such as rice, potatoes, maize and millet in the diet

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He believes that solve all your problems.
Lymphatic drainage serves health and beauty.  For whom and when do you recommend? Lymphatic drainage serves health and beauty. For whom and when do you recommend?

When life loses weight
Eating disorders are manifested by abnormal eating habits. For some women, but also men is insufficient food intake (anorexia, bulimia), others on the contrary, its excessive consumption (binge and night eating, continuous eating). BURN THE FAT FEED THE MUSCLES REVIEW

The result is a radical restriction of food - especially for anorexia - malnutrition, due to over-eating then obesity.

Malnutrition is obesity is of course other associated complications and risks.

For example, malnutrition is a disorder of hematopoietic (anemia), disorders of calcium by the bones (at risk of osteoporosis), increased decay and premature tooth loss, disruption of the menstrual cycle to amenorrhea and decreased immunity.

Result of an imbalance of body fluids and salts may be of malfunction of the heart (arrhythmia) that threatens life.

Obesity in the so-called metabolic syndrome linked high blood pressure, adverse blood lipid composition spectrum disorders and their metabolism, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), and it all leads to an increased risk of developing a cardiovascular disease at the very end may be myocardial infarction or cerebra vascular accident (stroke People).

Eating Disorders unfortunately only the body but also the soul

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Gynecological problems contribute physically to sexual difficulties: cystitis, cancer (breast reduces female sexual symbolization) and other malignancies.

Gynecological changes during a woman's life can change their sexuality. Puberty, pregnancy, postpartum and per menopause at puberty, there may be problems regarding organic sexual identity, mental immaturity and that creates uncertainties and insecurities. visit home page

The pregnancy and the postpartum period are generally associated with a decrease in sexual desire that can extend lactation.

The state of (low estrogen - A hormone feminism very important in regulating the menstrual cycle among many other things) triggered by menopause can lead to mood swings, vaginal dryness which can bring besides a decrease in sexual desire, some pain in relation to the act itself (. Basic

Approach for the Treatment Education - search information from your doctor about the anatomy, functions of organs, body changes, so that we can better understand the functioning of your body.

Ask your doctor, written through leaflets and information openly discusses their doubts.

Stimulation and decreased routine - use erotic materials that may promote greater arousal, masturbation can increase familiarity with the partner and increase the pleasurable feelings, communication during the sexual act can have the same role, the change of times and locations of the sexual act can be another alternative.

Distraction Techniques - erotic fantasies or not, contraction and relaxation of the pelvic muscles during intercourse.

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After some time I came to the Breast Center, where the doctor told me that no tumor is gone, that is what the magic means, and meditation. But mostly, I think, was to tune into positive thoughts. It was not easy. My illness manifested itself just when I had to leave her husband, and I suffered greatly.

Any physical illness - a consequence, the reason is on the soul level. Psychological discomfort led to a hormonal malfunction in the body, affecting mammary glands. Heartache transformed into physical. Do people have resentful heart, nerve - stomach, at irascible - liver? Diseases often have a psychosomatic nature: dark thoughts not only spoil the mood, but also health. The result of negative thoughts can be very different ailments, from digestive disorders to infertility. Answer a few questions to see how much you are risking.

•    Are you irritable and emotionally unstable?
•    Fixated on negative emotions?
•    You are closed, do not trust others, you are hard to meet new people?
•    You feel a sense of anxiety and unsure of yourself?
•    Caught in a stressful situation at home or at work?

If most of the answers are positive, I advise you to do this: Do not dismiss out of trouble. Many people try not to think about them, but then triggered a psychological defense. The brain tries to erase the memory of disturbing information and displays it on a conscious level flesh - debilitating memories.

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Think about yourself and the theme of bad habits. Start control of their lives. Draw arrows on beautiful eyes - Every girl, girl, woman, and even grandma always wants to look beautiful and attractive and the first thing that draws attention - eye. Today we'll talk about how to draw a correct and interesting direction. To get a good draw arrows need two things - a good tool and experience. Let's start with the first. See More:

The better draw arrows on the eyes - In order to draw beautiful arrows you need good tools that you can find in any store with makeup. Most often draw arrows using pencils (there are both simple and waterproof effect). Less commonly used liquid or gel eyeliner. Just for this purpose you can use a dry liner (shade) or felt-tip pen. I usually use a soft pencil or waterproof gel eyeliner. You can try various means and choose with whom you will be easier and more convenient to operate.

In any case, you have to have in your arsenal a few pencils and that will be different color and scope.

Draw arrows on the eyes - Here you have what is called to get the hand alone. But some rules and tips on applying makeup, I'll give you. If you have small eyes, and you need to visually enlarge them, here you have the support of white eyeliner. Arrows should only be applied on the upper eyelid and does their long as long arrows visually reduce the size of the eye.

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Think logically. Emphasize femininity in non-verbal communication (see above).

Learn to cook well. Dial typically feminine elements - ruffles, bows, polka dots. Decorate to twinkle. Do not worry pronounced jewelry - choose gold, silver.

Male artist - creative and imaginative, distinctive, often energetic
 It is unpredictable and ideas pouring out one after the other. The surprise him abound. Be distinctive. Dial unusual fashion. Do not be afraid of bold colors combined with classic dry.

Feel free to mix colors black-dark blue and so on. Wear a tuxedo jacket with nothing, just a bra. Unconventional and avant-garde are the right attraction for artists, creative.

Male freebie - a man who does not care for fashion or clothing style
The only thing he cares about is functionality. Red color attracts him. Wear distinctive colored clothes - such as a strong bra under a monochrome shirt.

Often superficially sexy dress to impress He is interested mainly beer and fun.

And now about your lookers know much, all you have to study and you have chosen the best and most suitable of your closet, you just need a light, gentle smile, a little paddle in the form scarf and can strike up a conversation, now you know what it immediately deliver and communicate, for example, we can start by asking:

 "Today's work runs, right? What do you / do you plan on the afternoon / evening? "

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Those who live alone: for the bakery around the corner as associative and community members, firefighters, police, bank employees, the supermarket cashier, hairdresser or bus driver. As much knowledge about the disease is important to be able to help. Experience with Alzheimer's phone showed that many people would be willing to get involved. However, they are often insecure and do not know how.

Live alone for a limited time - The target group specific training concepts, learn how to use and communicate with people with dementia have been tested and evaluated in practice. »The folders were sold out quickly," said Schneider-scolding. As the project has now been completed, funds were requested to again. Currently available are still manuals and DVDs. Read More Articles about Health and fitness:
Live alone with dementia is possible to show the results of the project: but only under certain conditions and time-limited. Without a supportive, sensitized environment, it does not work. This includes the understanding that living alone with dementia may have an existence that does not conform to conventional notions of a "normal and safe" life. Studies in the UK show that people with dementia living alone while meeting a number of risks in their daily lives that they are not more at risk than people with dementia who live in a household with relatives as long as possible to be self-determined, not only corresponds to the desire of most seniors, it relieves the local authorities and the social and health care.

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Yelling at teen has the same effect as physical violence

A violent altercation with an adolescent in which some insults and epithets are exchanged: it is not fun, but still better than a scuffle. Right? No, according to new research Nasty things yelling at a teenager shows just for his well-being as physical violence so bad. View more articles on here: Healthy Skin

Those researchers write in the journal Child Development. Although quite a lot of parents admit they sometimes yell at their children, while bad things to say, there have never investigated the effects of those shouting matches. This new study will change that.

The study, the researchers followed for two years 967 young adults and their parents. In that period filled the parents and children regularly questionnaires which were asked to include demographic data (age, gender, occupation, income, etc.) their mental health, educational techniques and the relationship between parent and child.

... Teenagers listening to their favorite music in the car, ask for accidents ?

The study shows that parents yelling had a very negative effect on the behavior of their children. against their children As were children who had to do with hard corrective words to show. More symptoms of depression Also, the chances of them behavioral problems - such as antisocial and aggressive behavior - had increased.

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