Acne On The Neckline – How To Get Rid Of Them?

06/11/2013 10:59

How to prevent the formation of acne on the neckline?

After a day at sea and the sun always show up pimples on her cleavage. It seems to me that this is the sunscreen, but I'm not sure. In order to prevent their occurrence and how to remove them as soon as possible in case if she does? step by step

Acne sun or Mallorca acne emerge after exposure to sunlight or artificial sources of ultraviolet radiation (tanning). Usually beginning to emerge in the spring, are amplified during the summer and go in the fall. Pimples usually occur on the chest, and back, shoulder and upper arm, while the face in most cases spared. Usually occur in middle-aged women who have had acne during puberty.

Fatty creams common cause:

Mallorca acne is very common photo dermatomes. From suffering five percent of people who are hypersensitive to the sun, and most women, especially those with oily skin and those in large quantities anoint creams. There have been the first days of vacation after intense sun exposure. Mallorca acne are red pimples, acne-like placed on the neckline, shoulders and upper back , which result from the effects of sunlight on the skin fat or fatty substances applied to the skin. The Best Ways

The most common cause of Mallorca acne are fatty substances in sunscreens and lotions for the body, which in combination with UVA rays cause an allergic skin reaction. People suffering from Mallorca acne should immediately and fully renounce and reject the sun sunscreen and body care products that contain fat. When skin problems persist, try to lean sunscreens with very high UVA protection factor. These are usually gels that do not contain any fat or emulsifiers, and the application of drugs to treat acne cure can be accelerated considerably.