Any Physical Illness Is A Consequence

05/12/2013 02:22

After some time I came to the Breast Center, where the doctor told me that no tumor is gone, that is what the magic means, and meditation. But mostly, I think, was to tune into positive thoughts. It was not easy. My illness manifested itself just when I had to leave her husband, and I suffered greatly.

Any physical illness - a consequence, the reason is on the soul level. Psychological discomfort led to a hormonal malfunction in the body, affecting mammary glands. Heartache transformed into physical. Do people have resentful heart, nerve - stomach, at irascible - liver? Diseases often have a psychosomatic nature: dark thoughts not only spoil the mood, but also health. The result of negative thoughts can be very different ailments, from digestive disorders to infertility. Answer a few questions to see how much you are risking.

•    Are you irritable and emotionally unstable?
•    Fixated on negative emotions?
•    You are closed, do not trust others, you are hard to meet new people?
•    You feel a sense of anxiety and unsure of yourself?
•    Caught in a stressful situation at home or at work?

If most of the answers are positive, I advise you to do this: Do not dismiss out of trouble. Many people try not to think about them, but then triggered a psychological defense. The brain tries to erase the memory of disturbing information and displays it on a conscious level flesh - debilitating memories.