How many people have gluten intolerance?

13/12/2013 02:03

Previously it was thought that virtually all cases of gluten intolerance for the seventh year of life were discovered. It is now known that two thirds of new patients is an adult. 20 percent of new patients is even older than 60 years.

Whose gluten intolerance is common?
In women, gluten intolerance is two to three times as often as men. In people whose first or second degree relative gluten intolerant, it happens more often than average, as well as in people with diabetes  EYE FLOATERS NO MORE REVIEW

How is it diagnosed?
If a blood test from the doctor indicates gluten intolerance, the patient is sent to a specialist. Who can do blood tests? But the diagnosis can be made by cutting (dram bipod) off a piece of the intestine and to investigate damage to the villa. Merely with certainty

How many people have gluten intolerance?
An estimated 160,000 people in the Netherlands have celiac disease. Most of them, about 135,000, still not know that. This is because the symptoms are often vague; leaving no gluten intolerance is soon expected.

What can we do?
Damaged villa recover once the patient no longer eat gluten. Rarely is the lasting damage. After recovery of bowel patients stay healthy as long as they ingest gluten That is not always easy, because the gluten-free diet requires a lot of discipline. Gluten-free varieties of bread , biscuits or pasta are expensive. A dietician can help to contact. Alternatives such as rice, potatoes, maize and millet in the diet