How To Think Logically Think Logically

30/11/2013 15:17

Think logically. Emphasize femininity in non-verbal communication (see above).

Learn to cook well. Dial typically feminine elements - ruffles, bows, polka dots. Decorate to twinkle. Do not worry pronounced jewelry - choose gold, silver.

Male artist - creative and imaginative, distinctive, often energetic
 It is unpredictable and ideas pouring out one after the other. The surprise him abound. Be distinctive. Dial unusual fashion. Do not be afraid of bold colors combined with classic dry.

Feel free to mix colors black-dark blue and so on. Wear a tuxedo jacket with nothing, just a bra. Unconventional and avant-garde are the right attraction for artists, creative.

Male freebie - a man who does not care for fashion or clothing style
The only thing he cares about is functionality. Red color attracts him. Wear distinctive colored clothes - such as a strong bra under a monochrome shirt.

Often superficially sexy dress to impress He is interested mainly beer and fun.

And now about your lookers know much, all you have to study and you have chosen the best and most suitable of your closet, you just need a light, gentle smile, a little paddle in the form scarf and can strike up a conversation, now you know what it immediately deliver and communicate, for example, we can start by asking:

 "Today's work runs, right? What do you / do you plan on the afternoon / evening? "