Lymphatic drainage serves health and beauty

12/12/2013 03:14

He believes that solve all your problems.
Lymphatic drainage serves health and beauty.  For whom and when do you recommend? Lymphatic drainage serves health and beauty. For whom and when do you recommend?

When life loses weight
Eating disorders are manifested by abnormal eating habits. For some women, but also men is insufficient food intake (anorexia, bulimia), others on the contrary, its excessive consumption (binge and night eating, continuous eating). BURN THE FAT FEED THE MUSCLES REVIEW

The result is a radical restriction of food - especially for anorexia - malnutrition, due to over-eating then obesity.

Malnutrition is obesity is of course other associated complications and risks.

For example, malnutrition is a disorder of hematopoietic (anemia), disorders of calcium by the bones (at risk of osteoporosis), increased decay and premature tooth loss, disruption of the menstrual cycle to amenorrhea and decreased immunity.

Result of an imbalance of body fluids and salts may be of malfunction of the heart (arrhythmia) that threatens life.

Obesity in the so-called metabolic syndrome linked high blood pressure, adverse blood lipid composition spectrum disorders and their metabolism, hardening of the arteries (atherosclerosis), and it all leads to an increased risk of developing a cardiovascular disease at the very end may be myocardial infarction or cerebra vascular accident (stroke People).

Eating Disorders unfortunately only the body but also the soul