The Better Draw Arrows On The Eyes

04/12/2013 02:42

Think about yourself and the theme of bad habits. Start control of their lives. Draw arrows on beautiful eyes - Every girl, girl, woman, and even grandma always wants to look beautiful and attractive and the first thing that draws attention - eye. Today we'll talk about how to draw a correct and interesting direction. To get a good draw arrows need two things - a good tool and experience. Let's start with the first. See More:

The better draw arrows on the eyes - In order to draw beautiful arrows you need good tools that you can find in any store with makeup. Most often draw arrows using pencils (there are both simple and waterproof effect). Less commonly used liquid or gel eyeliner. Just for this purpose you can use a dry liner (shade) or felt-tip pen. I usually use a soft pencil or waterproof gel eyeliner. You can try various means and choose with whom you will be easier and more convenient to operate.

In any case, you have to have in your arsenal a few pencils and that will be different color and scope.

Draw arrows on the eyes - Here you have what is called to get the hand alone. But some rules and tips on applying makeup, I'll give you. If you have small eyes, and you need to visually enlarge them, here you have the support of white eyeliner. Arrows should only be applied on the upper eyelid and does their long as long arrows visually reduce the size of the eye.