Yelling at teen has the same effect as physical violence

20/11/2013 01:39

Yelling at teen has the same effect as physical violence

A violent altercation with an adolescent in which some insults and epithets are exchanged: it is not fun, but still better than a scuffle. Right? No, according to new research Nasty things yelling at a teenager shows just for his well-being as physical violence so bad. View more articles on here: Healthy Skin

Those researchers write in the journal Child Development. Although quite a lot of parents admit they sometimes yell at their children, while bad things to say, there have never investigated the effects of those shouting matches. This new study will change that.

The study, the researchers followed for two years 967 young adults and their parents. In that period filled the parents and children regularly questionnaires which were asked to include demographic data (age, gender, occupation, income, etc.) their mental health, educational techniques and the relationship between parent and child.

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The study shows that parents yelling had a very negative effect on the behavior of their children. against their children As were children who had to do with hard corrective words to show. More symptoms of depression Also, the chances of them behavioral problems - such as antisocial and aggressive behavior - had increased.