How To Use Your Eye Drops

14/12/2013 01:20

You may feel little burning eyes, but the feeling will pass in seconds. Be sure to use your eye drops for that reason.
How to use your eye drops

Pull the lower eyelid to form a pouch

Instill a drop of eye drops into the pocket formed by the eyelid Glaucoma Press lightly on the inner corner of the eye for 3 minutes to occlude the lachrymal duct. XTREME FAT LOSS

Open-angle glaucoma
In open-angle glaucoma, the fluid drains too slowly out of the anterior chamber.

Pressure increases gradually, often in eyes, causing optic nerve damage and loss of slow and progressive vision.
Loss of vision begins at the edges of the field visual and, if not treated, just involving the entire visual field and, ultimately, leads to blindness.

It most prevalent form of glaucoma, open angle glaucoma, is common after age 35, but occasionally occurs in children. The disease tends to run in families and is more common in nearsighted or diabetic individuals.

Its glaucoma open angle occurs more frequently and may be more severe in the black subjects than in white individuals.
Normal drainage of liquid