Those who live alone

22/11/2013 04:18

Those who live alone: for the bakery around the corner as associative and community members, firefighters, police, bank employees, the supermarket cashier, hairdresser or bus driver. As much knowledge about the disease is important to be able to help. Experience with Alzheimer's phone showed that many people would be willing to get involved. However, they are often insecure and do not know how.

Live alone for a limited time - The target group specific training concepts, learn how to use and communicate with people with dementia have been tested and evaluated in practice. »The folders were sold out quickly," said Schneider-scolding. As the project has now been completed, funds were requested to again. Currently available are still manuals and DVDs. Read More Articles about Health and fitness:
Live alone with dementia is possible to show the results of the project: but only under certain conditions and time-limited. Without a supportive, sensitized environment, it does not work. This includes the understanding that living alone with dementia may have an existence that does not conform to conventional notions of a "normal and safe" life. Studies in the UK show that people with dementia living alone while meeting a number of risks in their daily lives that they are not more at risk than people with dementia who live in a household with relatives as long as possible to be self-determined, not only corresponds to the desire of most seniors, it relieves the local authorities and the social and health care.